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Where master technicians Trane AC repair in work

Trane is a company that has been in the business for over 120 years. As of today, their products have been into 400 locations crossing over 100 countries. Also having 29 locations they use for manufacture. This company has been putting in a lot of time building up its name and reputation.

The products coming from the company are some of the most durable brands because they have undergone torturous testing before they have been approved for selling on the market. One company that matches their expertise in terms of Trane AC repair in Alpine, NJ is All Year Plumbing.

Why Should You Hire All Year Plumbing, Heating, and Air Conditioning For Your AC Repair Needs?

For over 15 years of excellent service, All Year Plumbing is a company that is no novice when it comes to providing different plumbing services like Remodeling, Sewer Replacement and Repair, Bursting Pipes, Water Tank Heaters, Drain Cleaning and Repair, etc. We are a company that provides a complete state of the art plumbing, air conditioning, and heating services all year round.

In terms of Trane AC repair in Alpine our services include:

  • Air Conditioner Repair and Maintenance
  • Thermostat and Central AC Repair
  • Repair and Maintenance of Ducts
  • Installation of New AC Units

How Should Air Conditioning Units Be Maintained?

We understand that maintenance is the key for your air conditioners to last a long time. We made you a list of simple maintenance tips that you can do to your AC units. These steps are helpful enough to save you some money by avoiding serious problems. Here are non-pro steps that help you keep up on your AC maintenance.

  1. When you turn off your air conditioner, make it a habit of unplugging the cord from the socket.
  2. If the need arises, try to remove the bezel and the filter or you may opt to cover the unit.
  3. Use a spray cleaning agent for cleaning the coils of your AC unit for they help in removing unwanted odors like cigarette smoke, mildew, dirt, and mold.
  4. A clean filter is a requisite. In cleaning your AC filter, use plain water only. Unless the filter is the source of the odor, there is a need to wash it using scented soaps or detergents.
  5. Replace the filter and the cover but restore the power after 10 to 15 minutes.
  6. When running the air conditioner again, set the AC unit’s thermostat to the coolest setting for warm air to become condensate. These condensates clean the coils by removing the foam and dirt that they have.
  7. Repeat the steps as necessary if the compensates fail to wash the coil. Even if the unit produces cool air but failed to wash the coil, it can be caused by low humidity. But if the unit failed to produce cool air, the problem might be on the refrigerant or on the compressor.
  8. Shut off and unplug the unit and inspect the exposed coils.
  9. Clean the outdoor coils if necessary with the use of foaming cleansers. Make use of a garden hose in rinsing the foaming cleanser used.
  10. Reconnect the power and test if there is a need to purchase new AC unit.

All year plumbing can help you find all of the solutions to your problems. When it comes to maintaining your AC unit and or heater we can help you by either providing you with the knowledge to get the job done or the helpful tips to maintain the health of your equipment.